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21) Dan McHale  Male
SF Location
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Thursday, 11 November 2004 13:25

Hey Jamie,
fun to look at your site as always. Say and that''s so true about the more cartoony design in something like The Incredibles, as compared to that of The Polar Express. I find myself rooting for The Incredibles, and hopeing that P. Express tanks. One animator I spoke to suggested that if the story is funny, entertaining, people wont notice that the characters look like animated cadavers.\r\nI''m back in the Bay Area, thinking about looking for work. Yeah, I''m really good at thinking about it! Let''s see, ah and also I am painting and drawing a lot. If you haven''t checked out my website lately, please do so if you get a free moment. Especially the Color section, and Music.
Hope all is well

jamie Saturday, 20 November 2004 01:15
Animated cadavers? now there''s an idea to pitch to Henry Selick...
Back from your globe-trotting adventures eh Dan? Well thanks for the link to your site, I''ll check it out ASAP.

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